How to chose right self balancing scooter for you?

Self balancing scooters are a new gadget everybody wants to own, it has multiple advantages over other transportation devices, it is surely more fun than riding a bike and better than being stuck in the car in the middle of a traffic jam, riding scooter can be faster and safer way of traveling. Reason this product became so popular in a blink of an eye is that some of the most admired celebrities started riding them everywhere and uploading their experiences on the Internet so everyone could see. Nowadays, children everywhere consider self balancing scooter to be a perfect Christmas or a Birthday gift.

Most of the self balancing scooters are approximately of the same top quality, since they all are manufactured by certain company in China, but they all have some kind of a special feature that can make them more suitable for you but not for somebody else.

There are some of the features of the self balancing scooter also known as hoverboard or self balancing board that you should pay attention to such as how far can a scooter climb, its battery capacity, how much degrees is required for a scooter to be able to corner and of course how fast can it go. Lucky for you almost every model of these self balancing scooters has 0 degrees required to make a corner and it is of great importance since you can’t expect finding straight and smooth path everywhere you go.

Other than being able to corner, second important thing for a scooter is its climbing distance, you are probably aware that you can’t ride a scooter and expect not to hit any bump on the road, that is bound to happen, so in order to overcome these bumps and holes in a road a self balancing scooter needs to have solid climbing distance, some scooter can have a climbing distance up to 20 degrees but there are those that have less, so you have to choose carefully.

Top speed can be different for different kinds of scooters, and even though riding at top speed is the coolest thing possible you should be careful, wear protective gear of course and watch out for the bumps in the road. Weight of the scooter is also important for its speed, the lighter the scooter, the faster the ride will be, scooters can weigh up to 20 kilograms and you need to pay attention to this, it can be also easier to learn how to control it if is lightweight.



Battery capacity, how long can your scooter’s battery last is very important thing for you, you surely wouldn’t like your scooter to lose power in the middle of a street, especially if there is a traffic jam which could be very dangerous and not only for you. That’s why you need to make sure your scooter has as much battery power as possible, most scooter’s battery can last up to 2 or 3 hours but that should be enough for you.

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The Benefits of Getting an Electric Bicycle

Talk of global warming is everywhere; temperatures are rising, snow and rain storms are getting worse, we are seeing more typhoons and hurricanes and a lot of other weather phenomena. How can you make a difference? You can buy yourself an electric bicycle. This is a bike that is very much like an ordinary bike but has a battery and a motor to augment human pedaling efforts. Electric bikes are a great way to move around distances that are too long to walk and too short for a car ride.

In addition to that, they come with several great benefits:

You get to lose weight and get fit – if you have been thinking that you are gaining a few too many pounds, it is high time you did something about it. Getting an electric bike will get you pedaling and burning off those extra pounds.

Electric bikes are one of the cheapest ways of moving around. In fact, you can you get yourself a top quality bike with only a few hundred dollars. Also, you never have to think about buying fuel for it n- all you need to do is make sure that it is properly charged before you head out. Maintenance is cheap and can be done by your dealer.

Do you get crazy looking for a spot to park? You will not if you buy an electric bike. They are small and can be parked literally anywhere. In fact, you can take it indoors with you.

If you buy a motorcycle, you will have to get motorbike training and qualification and you will also have to go through the tedious process of registration. You don’t have to do any of these things if you choose to buy an electric bike instead.

If you are like most people and hate waiting in traffic, an electric bike will make all the difference. Just cycle between the cars and be on your way.

You don’t have to travel on the road – you can get off the road on your bike and get to your destination faster.

If you choose to buy an electric bike remember, you must never get on it without your helmet on. It makes all the difference should you be involved in an accident. Also, you should be vigilant of other drivers – they may be distracted and not see you on time.

As you can see, buying an electric bike is an excellent idea because it comes with so many benefits.

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